MOONEYES Original “UCHIWA” Present Campaign has started!
This year’s design is MOONASTIC Yokohama by Wildman. Bay Bridge, Landmark Tower. Cosmo World, Yokohama China Town, and Mt. Fuji peeking from the city of Yokohama. You can also see MOONEYES Area-1 at Honmoku Yokohama. The design that makes you enjoy is on one-side. On the other side, there is a Bohemian style geometric design with MQQN motif all over! It is the Special “UCHIWA” with double-sided printing with both CQQL design!!

Get this UCHIWA and MAKE A CQQL BREEZE!! Feel the CQQL breeze and run through the hot summer with MOONEYES!!

For people who purchase more than 3,000yen (excl. tax) can get this UCHIWA for FREE!!

※Discount item are not applicable to this campaign.
※Limited quantity. Campaign ends as the stock is gone.