"UCHIWA" Present Campaign!
Popular “UCHIWA” present campaign Part 2 started!
Double sided print of Eyeball and YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2017’s slogan “Grow Together - 育てよう - Sodateyou” sticker.
Get this UCHIWA and feel the CQQL wind and survive the hot Summer!!

MOONEYES Original “UCHIWA” is gift with purchaseat any MOONEYES shop!!

*If you wish to get MOONEYES ORIGINAL UCHIWA please enter [Request for “UCHIWA”] in the remarks column.

As UCHIWA’s stock goes out, campaign will end.
We are looking forward to your support.
We will appreciate everyone's support, also for this year. From everyone's support, 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2017 is decided to hold for this year! This is the result of people who value this culture, got united. Thank you very much for all your supports! 

As for the noise pollution in the vicinity of Pacifico Yokohama and the surrounding area, we will continue our "Shizukani" campaign. For 2017, we believe the campaign has matured and the catch phrase this year will be "Sodateyou" which means to "Grow Together" as we all have together in this culture. To be able to continue this event we cherish, we ask for your cooperation and support.

HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Official Site is here