Spring 2018 to Autumn 2018

Rat Fink Fan have long been waiting, Rat Fink Fever Dumb Junk Catalog 2018 is now release!
There are must have Special item for Rat Fink Fan!

It has powered up evenmore than the one before and many New item informations are included.
From popular Rat Fink, and other character item to MOONEYES Original Item and New item, MOONEYES Staff has selected the popular items!

If you are MOONEYES Fan you will enjoy looking at it and
you will also want many things in the catalog!
The catalog is full color with variety of interesting line ups!

The Catalog for people who want to get MOONEYES information as soon as possible!!
Anyone who use any of our MOONEYES shop can get the Rat Fink Fever Dumb Junk Catalog 2018!!

As the stock goes out, this campaign will end. If you want it, please get it as soon as possible.
(※If you are using Online Shop, please mention for the Catalog in the remarks column.)