MOONEYES Original Sterrring Wheel

MOONEYES ORIGINAL California Metal Flake Steering Wheel

Have the feeling of driving under the bright California sunshine with the cool and colorful metal flake grip but the shiny chrome spokes like no other before it, chrome on both sides.
Anyone in the car will be able to see it and you can firmly claim you are a California freak.
All new OCTAGON Steering Wheel is here!!
The very popular MQQNEYES Original California Metal Flake Steering Wheel is available now.
The new OCTAGON shaped wheel is here!!
It also features the dazzling metal flake colors which exhibit an overwhelming presence.

Ensure your personal custom style.

Are you old school or new school? It's up to you how it's captured and used.

Classical Octagon shaped wooden steering wheel is also available!
In order to mount these steering wheels, you will need a Grant steering wheel boss kit adapter.
For details, please contact us with the year of your vehicle, make and model.

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