【30%OFF】Hula MOON Logo Sweatshirt [SM168]

【30%OFF】Hula MOON Logo Sweatshirt [SM168]

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Hula MOON Logo Sweatshirt

We have used the Hula MOON Design that was in the big wave in late 90's.
People in the in the age around 10 ~ 30 might feel new but for the people over 40,
may feel the nostalgic feeling.
It is using USA raglan body and inner is raised so, it is cozy to wear.
You can just wear it itself or, nice to match it with a shirt.

Simple design and there is the Hula MOON logo on the front and largely on the back.
Color variation of 4 with Pink, Blue, Charcoal Gray, and Navy.
If you were a Hula MOON fan back at the time or who got interst with this let's buy it!

Color: PK Pink, BL Blue, CG Charcoal Gray, NY Navy 
Material:52% Cotton, 48% Polyester 10oz(Inner raised)

S size:Length 67cm Width 49cm Sleeve 76cm
M size:Length 69cm Width 54cm Sleeve 76cm
L size:Length 71cm Width 56cm Sleeve 78cm
XL size:Length 73cm Width 60cm Sleeve 83cm
F Model 155cm Size: S
M Model 175cm Size: L

***Handling Recommendation***
We recommend to turn of the shirt before you wash it, to keep the quality of the printing.


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