Camper Tent Leisure Sheet Native [KG149NA]

Camper Tent Leisure Sheet Native [KG149NA]

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Camper Tent Leisure Sheet Native

Thin and light picnic sheet (picnic blanket) in a compact pouch.
Front is Native and on the bakc it is using silver colated material that is water proof and blocks the light.
It is useful because it can be used for both sides.

It includes 4 pegs and you can fix it on the ground and you do not have to worry blowing away by the wind.
The sheet is in the tent shape pouch and it makes you want to go for a camp.

Bring this with you and Enjoy your Outdoor Life!!

Color: NA Native
Material: Polyester
Size: Sheet 90cm X 140cm
Pouch (W)13.5cmx(H)21cmx(D)12cm
※Includes 4 pegs(14cm)


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