MOONEYES Leather Key Case [MGC204]

MOONEYES Leather Key Case [MGC204]

Our Price: 3,600Yen(tax excl.)

MOONEYES Leather Key Case

Compact size leather material Key Case.
There are 4 key hooks and pocket on both sides to slip in something.

You can open and close is with the button and the button is accented with the Eyeball logo.

On the front MQQN wording and on the back Eyeball logo is embossed.

Color variations of 6 colors.
It is the color variation that is natural for men and ladies to use and the lineup are,
Black, Yellow, Natural, Sax Blue, Turquoise, and Lime green.

It is nice to use it as one but, if you get the same series MOONEYES Leather Coin case
on a different color or same color it will be more GQQD!!

Perfect item for a gift to your loved one.

Size: Closed About(H)10cm (W)6.5cm (D)2cm
 Opened About(W)14cm
Color:BK Black,YE Yellow, NT Natural, SA Sax Blue, TQ Torquise, LG Lime Green


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