MOON Paint Can T-shirt [TM750]

MOON Paint Can T-shirt [TM750]

Our Price: 3,600Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Paint Can T-shirts

Oops! Paint is spilt!
If you look closely paint spilt from the paint can is wording MOONEYES.
Playful design T-shirt motifs the Pinstripe MOON paint can.

The paint spilt on the front is using a special print that looks like real wet paint.
On the back, by stucking the paint can you can see the design of "1".
Also one can is opened and the paint is spilling out and accented.

Color variations are 3colors of White, Mint and Pink!
Additionally, each T-shirt have different color paint spilt.
For White T-shirt Red paint, Mint T-shirt Light Blue paint and Pink T-shirt Yellow paint.
The color of the paint is directed by Wildman and it is close to the color of actual color of the paint he is using for pinstripe.

The item for Pinstriper and Beginner who want to start Pinstripe.
If the paint gets on this sweatshirt that might look stylish too!

Color: WH White(Red Paint), MI Mint(Light Blue Paint), PK Pink(Yellow Paint)
Size: S, M, L, XL
US Size
Material: 100% Cotton
F Model: 159cm S
M Model 174cm Front S Back M

S size: Length 70 cm Chest 90 cm Sleeve length 16 cm Shoulder width 45 cm
M size: Length 73 cm Chest 100 cm Sleeve length 18 cm Shoulder width 50 cm
L size: Length 74 cm Chest 112 cm Sleeve length 19 cm Shoulder width 57 cm
XL size: Length 79 cm Chest 120 cm Sleeve length 20 cm Shoulder width 61 cm

※ Please note that it is using US manufacturer so,
depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.
To keep the special printing, please avoid using a dryer and we recommend you to naturally dry it.


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