1/24 MOON Car Club Plaque Set [IGHME-055]

1/24 MOON Car Club Plaque Set [IGHME-055]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excl.)

1/24 MOON Car Club Plaque Set

1/24 scale realistic miniature Car CLub Plaque.
It is 1/24 scale so, perfect for M2 Machines Diecase Model, AMT, Revell plastic models.
If you custom your mini car or model car, you can use this to make it to MOONEYES Style!
Although it is miniature size, it is made in details and made out of aluminum.

If you put this on you are now member of MOONEYES Car Club.
Not only using it on the mini car, you can also accent the interior of the diorama model.

Custom the way you like!

Made In Finland

Size: Base:About 40mm
Plaque About (H)6mm (W)11mm
Oval Plaque About(H)4mm (W)7mm


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