MOON Neck Pouch [NM098]

MOON Neck Pouch [NM098]

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MOON Neck Pouch

Neck pouch of standard design of MOONEYES Eyeball and MOON Equipped Logo all-over pattern.
Compact size where you can put in your valuables.

There is a Velcro tape so, you can easily OPEN/CLOSE the pouch.
Although, it is a compact size, there is a zipper pocket in front and back.

You can also use it to put in the passport.
Therefore, you can hang it on your neck from the front and prevent pick-pocket.

Item that is useful for your trip, event and other scenes.

The strap is adjustable so, not only using it as neck pouch,
but you can also use it as sacoche and shoulder bag.

Color:BK MOON Equipped、YE MOONEYES Eyeball
Size:About (H) 20cm (W) 15cm Strap Length 60cm


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