MOON Cart Pen Tray [MG854]

MOON Cart Pen Tray [MG854]

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MOON Cart Pen Tray

Miniature cart of MOONEYES!
The cart that is used in swap meet is now in miniature size.
You can organize your desk with this item!

It is made with steel like the actual one and you can pull tha handle and move it.
There is a MOON Emblem on both sides.

You can display with some plants, or with your MOONEYES GOODS.
Other ways to use it is to put in some stationaries, glasses and tools.
If you put at your kitchen, it can be used as a spice rack and how you use it is up to you!

Color: YE Yellow, RD Red
Size:(H)12cm (D)9cm (W)19.5cm

※Things on the cart are not included.


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