General Admission Advance Ticket - 28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 [HRTK2019M]

General Admission Advance Ticket - 28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 [HRTK2019M]

Our Price: 3,455Yen(tax excl.)

General Admission Advance Ticket -
28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019

28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 (HCS2019)
Event Date: Sunday December 1, 2019
Time: 8AM to 5PM (one day only)
Location: Pacifico Yokohama

※Unpaid/unconfirmed orders will be canceled. Although you will be able to purchase tickets from our physical store in Honmoku, Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe till November 30th(Saturday).

Advance Tickets are available till Nov. 23 (Sat)/JST
Advance Tickets payment deadline till Nov. 27 (Wed)/JST

Advance Tickets from MOONEYES Official Online Shop are available till Saturday, November 23, Japan time.Payment must be completed and confirmed by the end of the business day, no later than Wednesday, November 27, Japan time - or immediately after receiving our order confirmation email and payment instructions (whichever is sooner). Unpaid/unconfirmed orders will be canceled. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Advance Ticket: 3,800yen (12 & under Free)
Ticket at the Gate (Dec, 3) : 4,300yen

Order Option -Little Get Together Party-
Adult Ticket: 2,700yen
Children (12 & under): 2,200yen
Ticket includes light meal and drink voucher

*Unless you are a show participant (vendor, Car / Motorcycle show etc.), the only way you can purchase tickets to the Little Get Together Party is via the Option through the Advance Ticket.
Advance tickets are 500yen cheaper than tickets sold at the main entrance of the show on the day of our event. General admission tickets will not sell out so, if you are unable to purchase tickets online, you will be able to purchase tickets in advance from our physical store in Honmoku, Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe till November 30th (Saturday), closing time of our store.

Tickets will be on sale at the gate on Sunday December 1 (the day of the show) throughout the day. The price will be 4,300yen for adults (12 & under are still free). It's highly recommended to purchase your tickets here from our website if you are coming from abroad and plan to purchase tickets to our Little Get Together Party held the night before our event (Nov. 30). Read more for details.

All orders for the 28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Show 2019 (HCS2019) are WILL CALL only. This means nothing will be sent in the mail. You will pay ahead and pick up the ticket(s) when you are here in Japan. If you order this item (advance ticket) with other items, it will be moved to a separate new order. Please keep order separate.
When ordering, you can choose the default shipping method as we will change that when we reply to confirm your order. In order to successfully complete this order (for Will Call), email communication in Japanese is be required but we will make every effort to communicate with you in English.

We will reply to you via email and provide you with the option to purchase tickets to the Little Get Together Party. When you purchase advance tickets here online, you will also have the option to buy tickets for the Little Get Together Party (LGTP), it's our pre-party on Saturday night (Nov. 30) from 7PM to 9PM, the night before our event and the price will be 2,700yen for adult.

This is normally limited to show guests and show participants only and is held inside the event hall. These tickets are not available separately and will be optionally available in the confirmation message we send to you. LGTP features a light meal, one drink (cash drink bar service will be available), live music, raffle drawings and more. Tickets are limited.

Children under 12 are free for the HCS2019 on Sunday. However, for LGTP Saturday night, children 4-12 are 2,200yen and 3 and under are free but do not include a meal/drink ticket. If you need tickets for children, please mention this in the comments area of your order and we will make the adjustment to your order.

Payment is via PayPal only as with any order and instructions will be sent with the order confirmation. Once the transaction is complete, we will send you a confirmation message and instructions for picking up the ticket(s). We also ask that you print and bring the confirmation message along with a photo ID when picking up the tickets at the Will Call counter. (If you have difficulty to bring the printed confirmation message along, you can also show us the actual message from your phone or other electronic devices.)

1. Place an order for HCS2019 Advance Tickets (Event on Sunday 12/1) here.
2. Chose the default (or any) shipping option. We will change this as there is no shipping for this item.
3. Keep this order separate from other items. Proceed to check out, complete the order and submit.
4. You will receive an automatic confirmation email.
5. In a couple of days (within 48 hours unless it's Sun/Mon) you will receive a confirmation message from us with an order total and option to purchase tickets to our pre-party.
Basically, there will be two orders to choose from unless specified in the order comments.
6. Make the PayPal payment for the grand total amount due based on which order option you choose.
7. After we confirm your payment, we send you the final confirmation message and instructions to pick up your tickets here in Yokohama.

※Will Call is a process where you pick up your tickets in person when you come to the show instead of paying for physical shipping to you. You pick up your tickets from the front entrance counter before the event although complete details will be given in the confirmation message.

You can pick up your tickets on Saturday or Sunday at the front entrance area of the show as well as at our store in Honmoku, Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe with prior confirmed arrangements.

Please use the contact/inquire form for any questions.
Thank you for your time and see you in Yokohama!

Information for HCS2019 is HERE

Please support us again for HCS2019!!
"Shi Zu Kani ? Keep Calm and Stay CQQL"

This year the event will be held on Sunday, December 1, 2019. With special guests and vehicles from abroad, we hope you will all join us again.

The noise pollution in the vicinity of Pacifico Yokohama and the surrounding area, we will continue our "Shizukani" campaign. The campaign started from 2014 "Be Calm, Not Loud - Shizukani", and continued to 2015 "Save the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show", 2016 "Respect Our Culture - Mamoroh!", 2017 "Grow Together - Sodateyou" and last year's 2018 "Cherish Our Kulture - Tai setsu ni". For the 6th campaign, we will return to the beginning and it is "Shi Zu Kani" / "Keep Calm and Stay CQQL".

5 years have passed from the first campaign and as an organizer awareness and getting low that the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW facing difficulty surviving. It seems that many people do not know how this campaign started. Therefore, we need your cooperation and support to understand the situation. Including our passion, let's come together to save our Kulture. This year we will return to the origin once again and work through with "Shi Zu Kani" / "Keep Calm and Stay CQQL" campaign. Thank you for your cooperation.

For 2019, inside the event area, we do hope and plan for exciting good times.


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