The Harbortown Bobber DVD* [DVIG121]

The Harbortown Bobber DVD* [DVIG121]

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From the directors of the award-winning motorcycle movies "Choppertown: the Sinners" and "Brittown" comes a new motorcycle fabrication adventure. Two years in the making, The Harbortown Bobber follows the ground-up build of Scott DiLalla's '69 bobber as various back yard masters put their hands on it creating a unique custom motorcycle, showing their techniques and telling their own personal stories along the way. It's almost guaranteed to make you go out back and fire up the welder! Lisa Ballard of Cycle Source Magazine says, "The best motorcycle movie to date" - Matt and Dean of DicE Magazine quoted saying, "Night shirt, check. Slippers, check. Monkey pillow, check. Harbortown Bobber DVD in the player, double freaking check!!!"

Featuring: Irish Rich (Sinner Nomad), Earl Kane (Earl's Bikes), J-Bird (Japanese Jay), Jonathan Smith, Todd's Cycle, Century Cycles, U.S. Kustoms, Dennis Goodson and the music of The Lords of Altamont.
ALL REGION motorcycle DVD with bonus clips and 12 page full-color booklet.
Runtime: over 2 hours!
Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed - USA, Europe, Japan OK!)


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