MOONEYES Original Remote Oil Filter [MPF200]

MOONEYES Original Remote Oil Filter [MPF200]

Our Price: 45,000Yen(tax excl.)

The MQQN Original Cast Aluminum Remote Oil Filter has polished machined top with one piece cast canister.
Uses a spin-on oil filter e.g. FRAM Canister is designed, so you can use in conjunction with a Forcefield Magnet
that will pick any metal particles. Bolts on to firewall or frame rail. Line kits available separately.
Canister measures 12cm(4-1/2") dia by 20cm(6-3/8") long.
Use FRAM PH8A or FRAM PH43 with Forcefirled # FF3703416.
Mount is 1-3/4" high with 1/2" N.P.T in and out.

FRAM Oil Filter and Forcefiled Magnet are sold separatey.

made in USA


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