Land Speed Records by Dean MOON* [DVKG007]

Land Speed Records by Dean MOON* [DVKG007]

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Land Speed Records by Dean MOON
Originally Produced Video - Now on DVD!

"Land Speed Records presented by DEAN MOON" was originally produced in the 80's by Dean Moon and sold by MOON EQUIPMENT COMPANY. It was Dean's first produced video.

Faithfully reproduced into DVD format, all the nostalgia and goodness with low quality homemade videos has been kept intact. Certainly not up to today's standards, the content and quality of this DVD is not perfect. Please be sure to understand there are audio and video imperfections. To attempt and correct these imperfections would take away from the authenticity of the video's origin. The original produced video sold by Dean was the exact same way. Being that is was made by Dean himself, an exact copy was made without any editing.

The footage is rare, possible long lost and forgotten. It covers 60's era Land Speed Racing at Bonneville. Featured machines include the MOONLiner, MOON Dragster, Streamliners, Summers brothers "Golden Rod", Gabelich Jet-powered "Blue Flame", Breedlove rocket "Spirit of America 1" and more. Scenes include the build up of the "Golden Rod" with some of the challenges they faced at the time as well as their record land speed run into the history books.

Other footage include commercials and film clips featuring the MQQN Streamliner. See below (pink label) for the original description and view the new disc image too.


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