MOON Oil Tank"MC" 4QT [MP1006]

MOON Oil Tank"MC" 4QT [MP1006]

Our Price: 54,000Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Oil Tank"MC" 4QT

New Style Chopper Oil Tank!!
MOON Oil Tank 4QT (approx 4L)
Motorcycle oil tank that evolved even more from Chopper Oil Tank.
On the top of the tank there is mount and opening, on the bottom there is 4 tap cut hole.
Tank that are more flexible to use it.

Actual oil tank+3 Rubber Tank Mounts, 3 Flat and Lock Washers, 3 Bolts, 1 Drain Plug, 3 Steel Brackets (adjust the frame and position and cut to use it)

*For mounting professional technique is needed.


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