White Wall Toppers [WW12]

White Wall Toppers [WW12]

Our Price: 3,000Yen(tax excl.)

Size (Inch):

White Wall Toppers, aka White Ribbons, are so simple to install and it will change the entire look of your ride.You don't need to buy white wall tires when you have a simple alternative such as these.The secret of our White Wall Toppers are the inside edge that's pinched between your existing tire wall and wheel lip. When they wear out from age or curb-riding, simply buy replacements.White Wall Toppers come in standard white wall or white ribbon skinny styles. They are available for motorcycle or automobiles applications.

Price is for 1-white wall. You will need four to make a set for motorcycles or cars, two on the right and two on the left.

White Wall Toppers, White Ribbons, Port-o-Walls

Available Sizes (inches)
10" WW1210
12" WW1212
13" WW1213
14" WW1214
15" WW1215
16" WW1216

Height of White Wall varies depending on tire size (1.2" - 2.0")

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