MOON Classic - Ronson Windlite Oil Lighter [QMG010]

MOON Classic - Ronson Windlite Oil Lighter [QMG010]

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MOON Classic - RONSON WINDLITE Oil Lighter


Completely reproduce model of RONSON’s “WINDLITE” created in 1951.

MOON Equipped logo is laser processed on the reproduce model.


By turbine like wind shields you can put on a fire in the strong wind.

High sealing and large capacity oil tank able to use oil for long time just by filling it once.

Simple and easy to use, and fits in your hand.

Oil lighter that can be use for long time

Color: Chrome satin
Size: (H) 5.8cm × (W) 3.85cm × (D)1.7cm

Weight: 79.5g

*Use RONOSON’ flint

Maintenance brush included



“The Art Metal Works Company” established by Louis.V.Aronson is advance of Ronson.


On 1927, he announced World’s first automatic operation oil lighter “Banjo”.


It has longer history than ZIPPO, and there is many fans from all over the world as a global smoking supply company.



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