MOON Equipped Safari Hat [MQC030]

MOON Equipped Safari Hat [MQC030]

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MOON Equipped Safari Hat

The safari hat follows back decades in time with the history of land speed racing. In the early days, racers on the salt flats and dry lakes would wear safari hats to keep the direct sun off their head while still allowing air to flow through. It's the perfect design as these hats were normally used in the deserts of Africa. Today, you still see these hats being used by land speed racers. Now, you can have a MOON Equipped Safari Hat which features the MOON Equipped logo, adjustable inner strap for fine sizing and available in tan or white color. The hat is made of paper/pulp so it's not recommended under wet environments.

Size: Free, one size fits most (Inside: adjustment velcro with padding)
Brim: about 6.5cm (front and back), 5cm (left and right)
Material: Paper/pulp 100%
Color: Tan (TA), White (WH)
From USA


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