Rat Fink Luggage Tag Face [RAF450]

Rat Fink Luggage Tag Face [RAF450]

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Rat Fink Luggage Tag Face

Colorful Rat Fink luggage tags are how to easily recognize your bags!
With today's travels, baggage claim can take a long time especially when all of the bags look the same. Not only will your bag stand out with this special Rat Fink Luggage Tag, it will also have your name on it!

Available in bright colors that stand out including Black (BK), Green (GR), Purple (PU) and Red (RD).

The FACE Rat Fink tag features the an upper torso Rat Fink pose which is horizontal by design. We also carry a vertical design of the classic standing Rat Fink.

Color: Black (BK), Green (GR), Purple (PU), Red (RD)

Size: (W) 10cm x (H) 5cm
Material: Soft Plastic
From USA


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