Rat Fink Tissue Cases [RAF503]

Rat Fink Tissue Cases [RAF503]

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Rat Fink Tissue Cases

Rat Fink illustrated cloth made tissue cover.
Tissue cover that you cover with ordinary box tissue.
You just cover the tissue and stop with the Velcro tape.
There is Velcro tape on the loop part and you can also use it on head rest.
You can hang it on the door knob, and use a hook to hang it on your room wall.
From selectable 4 designs choice the Rat Fink you like.
If you cover the ordinary tissue box with this Rat Fink, your room and car will be brighter!

Size: (H) 12cm x (W) 12cm x (L) 25cm
Color: GR Green, BK Black, RDS Red Stripe, NYS Navy Stripe
Material: Cotton 100%


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