MOON Equipped Cotton Duck Zip Wallet [MQG138]

MOON Equipped Cotton Duck Zip Wallet [MQG138]

Our Price: 44,000Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Equipped Cotton Duck Zip Wallet

MOONEYES History to your hand

Original duck canvas and leather combination casually finished, classic style trucker wallet.
From cloth cutting to sewing all of the process is carefully done one by one so, the finishing quality is satisfying.
For the duck canvas’s surface MOONEYES Catalog design at the time established is pressed.
Master piece that can feel the long history of MOONEYES.

For inner side, there is pocket with Zipper to store coins, using MOON Equipped cloth.
You can also keep many cards and there is 6 pocket on both sides and one pocket on the center.
Center card pocket, is a clear pocket so it will be handy, if you put your IC card, License, IC card and other cards.
On the back of the card pocket, there is space to put in receipt and ticket.
Cotton duck is resilient and strong. As you use it you can enjoy the texture and it is item that can be use for long time.

*There is metal parts to put through wallet chain.

Color: BK Black, YE Yellow
Size (closed) : (H) 10.5 cm × (W) 19.5 cm × (D) 2 cm
Material: Original Cotton Duck, Real Leather, Brass (Bracket Part)


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