MOON Equipped Tool Roll [BK032]

MOON Equipped Tool Roll [BK032]

Our Price: 25,000Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Equipped Tool Roll

Tool roll that can carry tools stylishly and efficiently.
Roll it and attach to your motorcycle's handle or frame.
There is MOON Equipped embroidery processed on the front part.
8 pocket for the tool and you fold it to store.
(4 pocket to put longer tool, and 4 pocket for shorter tool and total of 8)
There is also zip pocket to put other small things.

Not only for Biker and Car Guy can also use it, because it is size that can fit in the glove box.
Material is leather and as you use it , you can enjoy the texture.
Material: Leather / Brass
Size : (H) 37 cm×(W) 25 cm (open state) / (H) 9 cm×(W) 25 cm (wound without tools)


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