MOON Equipped iQOS Sticker [MQD033]

MOON Equipped iQOS Sticker [MQD033]

Our Price: 2,900Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Equipped iQOS Sticker

Customize your iQOS to MOON Equipped item.
Sticker for electronic cigarette iQOS.
2 designs of simple MOON Equipped and MOON Equipped Roadster that looks like vintage.
Just stick and you can change your iQOS to MOON Equipped one.
Sticker is for the case and holder switch so, it will have sense of unity.
There will be 2 type of sticker for holder switch and select the design you like.
It is form to fit the iQOS and you can easily decoration.

Design: MQ MOON Equipped Logo、RO Roadster IV

****Please Note*****
This item is decoration sticker for iQOS.
It can also be used for iQOS 2.4 Plus
It does not include actual iQOS.
This item is not to protect from any damage etc.
We do not take responsibility for any trouble occurred by using iQOS.

**How to stick it**
Before putting on, wipe off some oil, dust, wax, any stain and dirt from the place you want to put it.
Try to do it slowly from the center to outside, so the air bubble will not go in.
To stick it on the corner use the dryer to warm up and soften the sticker.
As the sticker get softer by stretching it, it will be easier to stick on to iQOS.
For removing air bubble, try to push it outside.


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