【30%OFF】Go with Moon Infant Parka [SMI724]

【30%OFF】Go with Moon Infant Parka [SMI724]

Our Price: 2,660Yen(tax excl.)

Regular Price: 3,800Yen

Color / Size:
Go with MOON Infant Parka

Infant parka that represents This is MOONEYES!
Eyeball and checker design is printed on the front.
It is using stretchable material and perfect for energetic MOON Kids.

*Pocket on both sides
*Print is only on front

Infant is size between Kids size and Baby size.

We also prepare same design Sweatshirt so you can enjoy wearing with your family.
The color variation will differ.

Color: HPK Hot Pink, HNY Navy
Size: 2 years old (90cm), 4 years (100cm), 5/6 years (120cm)
Material: 60% Cotton. 40% Polyester Inner raised

2 years (90cm),: Length 40cm Width 37cm Shoulder 32.5cm Sleeve 31cm
4 years (100cm): Length 47cm Width 38cm Shoulder 35cm Sleeve 32.5cm
5/6 years (120cm): Length 49cm Width 42cm Shoulder 36.5cm Sleeve 39.5cm

***Handling Recommendation***

To keep the quality of the printing, reverse it before washing.


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