Norifumi Abe Photo Book [KM070]

Norifumi Abe Photo Book [KM070]

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Abe Norifumi Photo Book
いつもニコニコ。Itsumo nikoniko (Smiling Always)「Norick@Turn1」

Genius of the Road Race Racer "Norifumi Abe" who is also called NORICK.
Beautiful riding that makes World's top rider jealous.
He has fascinated many people by his ability in the race at the time and also has participated in Grand Prix motorcycle racing and youngest Champion of ALL JAPAN ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIP 500cc class.
And this is the record of when he went training to Dart track in U.S.A whwn he was 15 years old, Mini Bike racer.
Cameraman Shougo Nakao followed after his training and life to fly to W.G.P. and this is the photo book that follows his miracle.

Paper book(Soft Cover)
Color 92pages
Photo・Text: Shougo Nakano


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