Power GRIP Steering Wheel Cover [GB607]

Power GRIP Steering Wheel Cover [GB607]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excl.)

Power Grip Steering Wheel Cover

The thickness of the cushion grip and will keep the comfort of the steering regardless of the temperature.
By having the power grip, the grip will get thick and you will get the powerful steering.
If you a worried about installation please ask a professional shop for it.

It recommended for approx 13"~14" (33~35cm) diameter steering

【Recommended Installation Method】
1. To soften the material, please set it under the sunlight for an hour.
After you have checked it got soften m be careful not to break it and
stretch it to fit and wind with a code included.
(During winter, the temperature is low so it is recommended to set inside with the sunlight.)

2. If the product is too long and short, cut the extra parts and
bring the cut part to the bottom and try to hide it.

We cannot inform if it fits on different car models.
*Please understand that we will not take any claims like "During the installation, it broke" etc.

Color: Blue, Burgundy
Width: Approx 8.5cm

★ From USA ★


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