4-1/2 Chrome Smooth Headlight [BK036]

4-1/2 Chrome Smooth Headlight [BK036]

Our Price: 5,676Yen(tax excl.)

4-1/2 Chrome Smooth Headlight

It is used on MOONEYES New Project Motorcycle "MQQN Shine" 1966 Early Shovel.
Headlight with a classical image with the beautiful curve to the back.
You can change the brightness HI/LOW and use 35/35W H4 Halogen.

※For this product H4 valve 35/35W can be applied.

Size:4-1/2 inches
Material :Steel Color:Chrome
Lens: Glass
Wire coloring:HI:Red、LO:Blue、Earth:Black

1. If you exchange to high efficient valve from regular type, it might damage the product or reflector so, please do not use it.
2. When you work with the wiring connection take it from the battery and work. And do it properly to prevent danger from an electrical short circuit or spark.
3. For installation, ask to a professional shop and adjust the optical axis.

Universal custom parts that are not for particular models might not be applied to all models.
Therefore, for mounting please request to a specialty shop.
Please note that we cannot accept any claims if you cause damages by mounting the parts by yourself or if another problem occurs. (including some cause that will lead to early failure)


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