MOON Red Scallop Toilet Lid Sticker [DM224RD]

MOON Red Scallop Toilet Lid Sticker [DM224RD]

Our Price: 5,400Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Red Scallop Toilet Lid Sticker

Toilet lid sticker which can make your bathroom nicer!
Wildman design MOON Red Scallop Pinstripe design.
If you are MOONEYES Fan, you will definitely like it!

Size: (H)Approx 36.5cm × (W)Approx 29cm

For Handling
If the surface of the toilet lid is curved, please try to stick it while warming with a dryer.
You can stick nicely when you check if the sticker got softer with the heat of the dryer and stretch it.
Before putting on, wipe off some oil, dust, wax, any stain and dirt from the place you want to put it.
You can stick it smoothly if you put a soapy water on the back and the surface of the lid and then use a spatula to push out the bubble to outside.


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