MOON Equipped Yokohama Canvas Boat Tote Bag [MQG145WG]

MOON Equipped Yokohama Canvas Boat Tote Bag [MQG145WG]

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MOON Equipped YOkohama Canvas Boat Tote Bag


Standard model tote bag of Yokohama Canvas Bag with warm gray material and orange binder ans stitch.
MOON Equipped logo is printed with red ink that matches with the gray and orange.

Perfect size for your school and work.
There are 2 different size inner pockets and use it to organize small things.
The mouth of the bag can be fasten by the snap button and it is easy to open and close.

Size:W 430 x H 300 x D150 mm
Handle Part: W50/25 mm L520 mm
Material:Takeyari Cotton #8 Canvas
Color: WG Warm Gray


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