MOON Equipped YOKOHAMA Canvas Aviators Kit Bag [MQG089]

MOON Equipped YOKOHAMA Canvas Aviators Kit Bag [MQG089]

Our Price: 13,500Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Equipped YOKOHAMA Canvas Aviators Kit Bag

Original detail remodels Aviators Kit Bag which pilot and flight crew used in the United States Armed Forces to the most suitable 2/3 scale size while following it well to use it every day.Even a business scene was produced as a usable bag.

Color: Olive (OL), Navy (NY), Gray (GY)


Size: (W) 380 x (H) 280 x (D) 100mm

Handle Tape: (W) 25mm x (L) 300mm

Shoulder Belt: (W) 38mm x (L) 700-1200mm

Weight: 735g


Body: Morino #4 Vinylon Canvas

Handle & Shoulder Belt: High-density texture tape

Grip: Tochigi Natural Tanned Leather

Made in Japan

【Morino Hanpu Sengu Kougyoujo Original Sailboat Canvas No.4】
Morino Sail and Rigging plant’s Sailboat Canvas No.4 is original canvas made by Morino style which is used for Yokohama Canvas Bag. The canvas is also used for Maritime Self Defense Forces ship and it is has strong cold resistance for Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition and cold climate. Japan made synthetic fiber’s vinylon fiber canvas has strong ultimate tensile strength and ordinary cotton No.9 canvas’s warp and weft thread has ultimate tensile strength of 900~1400N/3cm when Morino Hanpu product has 2400~2500N/3cm.. Ultimate tensile strength for cotton No.9 canvas had 60~80N whereas Morino Canvas product has 130~180N which is almost double strength. If you also compare the spec with normal tent’s polyester fiber and canvas product quality spec, it has almost 1.5 to double the strength. Yokohama Canvas bag has produced a daily use bag using special canvas that is barely seen in the market place, which is made by Morino Sail and Rigging plant’s Sailboat Canvas No.4.

【Morino Hanpu Sengu Kougyoujo】
Morino Sail and Rigging plant is open in Yokohama 1914 as canvas, rope main ship chandler process industry. For many years they obtained the know-how and evaluated there Morino Style Process technique. In 1942 it was selected as Yokosuka Navy munitions exclusive factory and entrusts to produce Old Imperial Navy War Vessels warships. After the war, it was selected as factory of sailboat steering committee and produce canvas, rope and other ship chandler and other specific tool and it is industries No.1 at all times as researcher and development of process technique.


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