MOONEYES Water Proof Shoulder Bag [BK038]

MOONEYES Water Proof Shoulder Bag [BK038]

Our Price: 6,400Yen(tax excl.)

MOONEYES Water Proof Shoulder Bag

CQQL design MOONEYES Water proof Shoulder bag is now available!
On the front Eyeshape MOON logo and MOONEYES SANTA FE SPRING CA. are printed.
On the shoulder strap MOONEYES lettering is printed and design full of MOONEYES.
There are 2 color variations of Black and Yellow,
and both colors are perfect to appeal that you are fan of MOONEYES!

It is using tarpaulin material and does not have a stitch so it has high water resistance.

Compact size shoulder bag so, perfect when you go out nearby.
On the back of the bag there is a zip pocket.

If you have this Shoulder bag, you don't have to worry about touring in the rainy day!

Color: BK Black, YE Yellow


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