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MOON Marke Tote L size [MGS092]

Our Price: 3,600Yen(tax excluded)

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MOON Marke Tote L

From the playful 3 sizes from the MOON Marke Tote, it is the biggest one that can be used in 2 WAY. It has a large zippered opening, making it easy to put things in and out. On the front, there is a pocket which is the characteristic of the manufacturer ROOTOTE with the MOON eyeball logo. As it looks it has a large capacity and it is a double zipper so, you can put in some long thing and to hold it securely.

There is not much eco bag that can be used as a backpack so, this one is very useful! You can easily hand wash. We have prepared 3 colors so, you can change the color according to your mood and usage. It has a large capacity and can be folded compactly so, you don’t have to worry when you have an impulse buy.

Color: BK Black、YE Yellow、IV Ivory
Size: (H) 45cm (W) 45cm (D) 12cm
Handle 15cm, Sholder Max length 93cm
Folded: (H) 15cm (W) 15cm (D) 3cm
Material: Nylon


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