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Kousoku Yuen "Henjin Wanted" Key Holder [DGKO013]

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Kousoku Yuen "Henjin Wanted" Key Holder

変人募集中 = The first two characters (Kanji) look like 恋人 or "Koibito" which is the Japanese word for "Lover" or GF/BF but in the case of Kousoku Yeun, it's 変人 or "Henjin" which means "Oddball" or eccentric person. The last three kanji characters (募集中) mean "Boshuchu" basically translates to accepting applications or soliciting. So if you're looking for that strange someone, this is the Key Holder for you!

Put it with your key or your bag!
Enjoy the "Hen" for coming season.

Material: Acrylic
Size: diameter about 65 mm (total length 13 cm)

Our Price: 1,200Yen(tax excluded)


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