Rat Fink Magnetic Plush [RAF524]

Rat Fink Magnetic Plush [RAF524]

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Rat Fink Magnetic Plush

Adorable face Rat Fink Plushie.
As the name Magnetic plush there is a magnet in Rat Fink's hand and feet.
It can stick to anywhere if the magnet can stick.

You can connect Rat Fink's hand together and collect lot of them and make Rat Fink Chain,
or you can stick it ,hang it or make it hold something and there are many ways to play around with it.

Item that make you want to have it , although you are not Rat Fink Fan.
We have prepared 3 colors and not only the standard green there are gray and purple.
If you collect 3 of them and put them together, Rat Fink will definitely be happy!

Not only as an interior and, please take it out and take photo together and enjoy the time with Rat Fink.

Enjoy and Spend Time with Rat Fink.

Color:GR Green、GY Gray、PU Purple
Size: About (H)13cm X (W)14cm X (D)18cm
Full Length including the tail: About 29cm


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