Kids Hula MOON T-shirts [TMC125]

Kids Hula MOON T-shirts [TMC125]

Our Price: 2,800Yen(tax excl.)

Kids Hula MOON T-shirts

The popular Hula MOON T-shirts are available in vivid colors for Kids!
Hibiscus motif Hula MOON design is printed on the front and back.
On the front, Hula MOON logo and "AKAMAI MACHINE" are printed.
"AKAMAI" means smart and clever in Hawaiian.
The traditional that makes you feel the wind of Hawaii and the energetic coloring will fit to aggressive MOON Kids!

Color: CA Carolina Blue, WH White, NP Neon Pink
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: XS, S, M
US size

XS Size:Length 50cm Width 40cm Sleeve 13.5cm Shoulder 39cm
S Size:Length 54cm Width 41cm Sleeve 14.5cm Shoulder 40cm
M Size:Length 60cm Width 45cm Sleeve 15.5cm Shoulder 42cm
Kid F model 116cm Size:XS

※ Please note that it is using US manufacturer so,
depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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