Southern California Style Pouch [FM178NT]

Southern California Style Pouch [FM178NT]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excl.)

Southern California Style Pouch

A flat pouch that uses new style MOONEYES logo.
It is calming natural color so, it is not too cute and handy for any age.
There is a palm tree that gives the image of Southern California Style and
perfect size carry it out.

It is flat type pouch so, it doesn't take up space in your bag.
You can put in your planner, phone, wallet and other essentials.
When you want to carry it out, you can use it as clutch bag.

When you are not using it you can keep it in your bag and use it for bag-in-bag.
Although, it is a pouch, you can also use it as clutch bag so,
please use it how you like and fit it to your lifestyle!

Zipper Closure
Color: NT Natural
Size :About 21.5cm×27cm


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