Ladies MOONEYES T-shirt [TMG709]

Ladies MOONEYES T-shirt [TMG709]

Our Price: 2,800Yen(tax excl.)

Color / Size:
Ladies MOONEYES T-shirt

Eyeball and Mooneyes lettering printed on front and back.
Relaxing fit and narrow collar and sleeve.

We have prepared popular pastel color of Yellow, Mint and Peach!
From the 3 colors pick the color that suits you!

It is using light material and useful for beginning of spring to summer.

Color: YE Ywllow, MI Mint, PC Peach
Material: 100% cotton
Size: S, M

S size Length: 64 cm Width 45 cm Shoulder 39 cm Sleeve 15.5cm
M size Length: 64 cm Width 43 cm Shoulder 34 cm Sleeve 15.5cm

***Handling Recommendation***
To keep the printing quality, it is recommended to wash it inside out.


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