Yokohama MOONEYES Honmoku Raglan T-shirt [TM765WB]

Yokohama MOONEYES Honmoku Raglan T-shirt [TM765WB]

Our Price: 3,200Yen - 3,600Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

Yokohama MOONEYES Honmoku Raglan T-shirt
S~XL size 3,200yen (+tax), XXL size 3,600yen (+tax)

横浜 ムーンアイズ 本牧(Yokohama MOONEYES Honmoku) raglan t-shirt that makes you look casual and active.
To symbolize MOONEYES JAPAN, 横浜 ムーンアイズ 本牧 エリアワン
wording is surrounding the MOONEYES Eyeball logo.
It is a rare design using Japanese Katakana and Chinese Charcter (Kanji).

Although, it is simple the Japanese wording has an impact.
On the back there is running style 本牧 (Honmoku) printed as a stitched ornament.

At Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1, there are many international visitor and those people tends to choose T-shirt
that images MOONEYES in Japan.
MOONEYES offers California Style in Japan but, this item appeal MOONEYES in Japan.
You can appeal Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES and perfect for sourvenir.

Color:WB White/Black
Material: 100% Cotton, 5.6oz

S Size:Length 66cm Width 49cm Sleeve 41cm
M Size:Length 70cm Width 52cm Sleeve 43.5cm
L Size:Length 74cm Width 55cm Sleeve 47cm
X LSize:Length 78cm Width 58cm Sleeve 50.5cm
XXL Size:Length 82cm Width 61cm Sleeve 54cm
F Model: 162 cm Size: L
M Model: 165cm Size: XXL

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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