pRing BKxRD [KGPC032]

pRing BKxRD [KGPC032]

Our Price: 3,000Yen(tax excl.)

pRing BKxRD

PORKCHOP original bunker ring.

Prevents smartphone falling from your hand.
You can change the angle of the ring and use it as a stand.
If the adsorption sheet atarts to get weak, you can wipe it with the water an,
and dry it naturally and use it over and over.

Material:PVC, Brass

Came into existence from garage.
This project was created from the conversation between Yoneuchi from Valley Auto and Sugihara from Fusty Works.
It is not apparels. It is everything from our lifestyle concept of garage usages.
We named it as a PORKCHOP because the hog farm was shut down by our neighbors and we love chop culture.
We send our favorite American culture through our garage supply as the PORKCHOP.


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