MOON Round Beach Towel [MG857]

MOON Round Beach Towel [MG857]

Our Price: 3,900Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Round Beach Towel

Diameter 150cm LARGE SIZE Beach Round Towel.
In the center of Bohemian style MOON Eyeball is placed.
Around the Eyeball logo, other MOON motif are designed.
Eyshape, eyeball, Go! with MOON wording and Bohemian geometric designs are EXCELLENT!!

It is s large size so, you can use it at the beach and other places.
You can use it as a mat and also as a towel, there is a fringe so, also perfect as an interior.
Exotic atmosphere and the refreshing color of blue can create a relaxing space.

If you use this MOON Round Beach Towel you can definitely get everyone's attention!
How to use it is up to you, Go! with MQQN!!

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: Diameter 150cm


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