Clay Smith Rubber Tray Stars and Stripes [CSG031]

Clay Smith Rubber Tray Stars and Stripes [CSG031]

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Clay Smith Rubber Tray Stars and Stripes

Rubber tray of Clay Smith which is an essential character in race circuit in USA.
Design that makes you imagine the USA flag with Mr. Horsepower and Clay Smith wording.

You can place your car and house's key, glasses and accessories.
There is also a way to use it as a coaster and how you use it is up to you!
It is rubber material so, you can place it on your car's dashboard and it doesn't slide.
So, it is perfect to place some coins.
It is also a design that is GQQD to place it as an interior!

Material: Rubber
Size: (H) 15cm (W) 14cm Thickness 0.8cm

※Please avoid storing in direct sunshine or high temperature.
Clay Smith Company which is famous for the racing engine of original glind cum. Logo of "MR. HORSEPOWER" is modeled from the creator who loved cigar and had red hair.


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