【50%OFF】Shizukani Foam Hand [MG858RD]

【50%OFF】Shizukani Foam Hand [MG858RD]

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Shizukani Foam Hand

28th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2019 campaign is returning to the beginning and it is,
"Shi Zu Kani" / "Keep Calm and Stay CQQL”.
To support this campaign, supporting item arrived!
It is foam hand with index finger point out making a Shizukani (Be quiet) gesture.

It is a red color hand sponge which is same color as the campaign sticker.
You can put your hand in.
You can also put a stick through and place it in your room as an interior.
Design is double-sided and the design is slightly different so,
get it and check the design!
When you are taking a photo or use it as an interior pick your favorite side.

Put your hand in and bring it near your mouth and shhhh... Shizukani,
and make a be quiet gesture and post in on your SNS!

When you post it to your SNS please use the Campaign Hashtag.
#hcs2019, #shizukani, #keepcalmandstaycool, #savetheyokohamahotrodcustomshow
Please support us and spread this campaign!

Material:Foam Sponge
Size:(H) 43cm (W) 20cm (D) 2cm


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