MOON Equipped 6 Functional Tool [MQG167]

MOON Equipped 6 Functional Tool [MQG167]

Our Price: 980Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Equipped 6 Functional Tool

This MOON EQUIPPED six function tool perfect for emergency!
It features:
Stainless steel, 2.15" foldout knife blade
1.05" can opener
1" flathead screwdriver
bottle opener
1.25" corkscrew
1.3" Phillips head screwdriver
Ashiny anodized finish on an aluminum case with 6 rows of dotted cut out accent on both sides.

Color: BK Black, RD Red, BL Blue
Size:8.5cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm

※Please be careful about handling when putting in and out the tool.
※Please be careful when carrying a pocket knife.
※Please check your countries law for possession of knife/sword and tools.
※ When you board an airplane, you can not bring it in.


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