MOONEYES Water Proof Daypack [BK048]

MOONEYES Water Proof Daypack [BK048]

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MOONEYES Waterproof Daypack

Water proof Daypack is released in 2 colors of Black and Yellow!
It is stylish design and on the front, there is MOONEYES logo and on both sides
there are GO! with MOON lettering printed.
As an accent MOONEYES line is on the strap.

Tarpaulin material has high water resistance and roll-top prevents water coming in.
The bottom is flat and round so, it is stable when you put it on a floor.
On the backside of the daypack there is a cushion so,
it is breathable and you will have less burden when you put it on.
Capacity is 35L and perfect size to pack for 1 day and to enjoy outdoor activity.

Color:YE Yellow, BK Black
Capacity:About 35L(Depends on the number of times you roll)
Size(About) :H 50cm x W 45cm x D 25cm

Please roll 3 times to prevents water coming in.


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