【30%OFF】MOON Custom Cycle Shop Eagle Hoodie [SM764]

【30%OFF】MOON Custom Cycle Shop Eagle Hoodie [SM764]

Our Price: 4,760Yen - 5,390Yen(tax excl.)

Prices vary according to options.

Regular Price: 6,800Yen - 7,700Yen

Color / Size:
MOON Custom Cycle Shop Eagle Hoodie
M 〜 XL Size 6,800yen(excl. tax) XXLSize 7,700yen(excl. tax)

HOT T-shirt with Eagle like a flame and '65 H-D Panhead "ORANGE KRATE".
Wildman has designed the Eagle that symbolize the Harley Davidson.
It is full of icon of MOON CUSTOM CYCLE SHOP.
On the front chest MOON Custom Cycle Shop logo and pinstripe are printed.

If you are a H-D rider, wear this and lwt's go fora touring!

The actual hoodie is soft snd inner is raised so, it will leep you warm and cozy.
Although it is simple, the design is CQQL and anyone can wear it.
It can cover outfit for event and outdoor scenes.

Color:BK Black
Material:Cotton 52%、Polyester48%(Inner raised)Doubled Hood

M Size: Length 66cm Width 55cm Shoulder 48cm Sleeve 60cm
L Size: Length 70cm Width 58cm Shoulder 52cm Sleeve 61cm
XLSize: Length 75cm Width 63cm Shoulder 55cm Sleeve 62cm
XXLSize: Length 80cm Width 68cm Shoulder 58cm Sleeve 63cm
Model: 175cm Size: L

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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