Felix Shaka! 2 Way Shoulder Bag [KGAZF447]

Felix Shaka! 2 Way Shoulder Bag [KGAZF447]

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Felix Shaka! 2 Way Shoulder bag

2 WAY shoulder bag of Felix making a hand gesture of Shaka.
On the back FELIX logo is printed.
It can be used as shoulder bag adjusting the length of the strap and,
hold it as a hand bag.

If you hold the handle as a tote bag, the mouth will close naturally.
For the inner side, there is a divided pocket so, you can put in things that you want to take out immidiately.

There are variations on how you use it so, arrange it with your outfit!

Color:NT Natural, BK Black
Material:Cotton 100% Canvas
Size: 38cm x 36cm x 4cm
Handle 92cm


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