【35%OFF】Genuine MOON Kids Long Sleeve T-shirt [TMLC771]

【35%OFF】Genuine MOON Kids Long Sleeve T-shirt [TMLC771]

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Genuine MOON Kids Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve with various color patterns.
Base color and the prinstings are all different and there are,
Pink/Purple, Navy/Yellow, Green/Orange.

On the front Genuine MOON SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. logo designed by Wildman is largely printed.
On the back MOON WHEELS DISCS, MOONEYES' popular Aluminum Product name is printed.
If you wear it when you are a kid, you will br Genuine MOONEYES Fan!

Color that are visible and it will accent your outfit!
Choose you favorite color and make your Genuine MOON Style!

Color:PK Pink, NY Navy, GR Green
Material:Cotton 100%

XS(110cm) Size: Length 44cm Width 33cm Shoulder 29cm Sleeve 37cm
S(130cm) Size: Length 52cm Width 37cm Shoulder 33cm Sleeve 45cm
M(150cm) Size: Length 60cm Width 43cm Shoulder 38cm Sleeve 52cm

***Handling Recommendation*** When you are going to wash it, to keep the quality of the printings, reverse it.


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