PP Cord [MGC209]

PP Cord [MGC209]

Our Price: 300Yen(tax excl.)

PP Cord(120cm)

PP Cord that is useful in many ways!
You can change the draw string on the MOONEYES Hoodie and mae it original!
Not only MOONEYES Clothing but, you can also use it for other brand's hoodie too.

Of course, you do not have to use it as a draw string and,
you can use it as a neck strap, shoulder strap for your bag.
How you use it is up to you!

Customize with this and make your item more stylish!

Color:BK Black, YE Yellow
Length: 120cm
※Hoodie s not included. It is only PP cord.


If you want to change the draw string of your hoodie,
first take out the draw string.
Put a pin or PP cord throught the straw and staple it so,
PP Cord doesn't fall out.

Then, put the pin or straw through the string hole,
if you push through the PP cord will easily go through.

If the PP cord comes out from the other side of the hole,
cut it to the length you want and make a knot.
Then you will have your original customized hoodie!

If you couldn't understand please check the youtube video.


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