Felix Classic Patches [KGAZF450]

Felix Classic Patches [KGAZF450]

Our Price: 600Yen(tax excluded)

Felix Classic Patches

Classical style Felix designed patches.
It is finished in embroidery so, high quality and detailed.
There is glue on the back so, you can easily stick by ironing.
Customize it on your favorite bag,jacket,cap and other belongings.

Design/ Size:
A: Wink (H)10cm (W)4.6cm
B: Stars (H)8cm (W)7.6cm
C: Smash (H)9cm (W)7.9cm
D: Squad (H)8.4cm (W)6.6cm
E: Boxing (H)6.1cm (W)9cm

※Not in a set, Price of one.


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